Years of experience

Vegatec was founded in 1992 by Dr. Robert Michel, in Rousset, France. Since then, we are a manufacturer of different types of custom designed equipments for the needs of mostly semiconductor industry such as Microelectronics, Photovoltaics and also high technology industries and laboratories involved in defense, aerospace, nuclear and pharmaceutical industries. With our deep knowledge of different processes of materials such as thermal processes, UHP fluids handling, Vacuum Technologies, Toxic gas abatement, mass spectrometry etc. we are helping to our customers to meet their needs by providing custom solutions. As these solutions can be technical service, retrofit etc. they can also be whole system including designing and manufacturing turnkey equipment projects.

We have Contract Under Security Clause from Security and Defense department for cooperation with defence industries and laboratories.

We also have R&D agreement from Ministry of Higher Education of Research and Innovation for financial support to cooperate with companies in research area.

We are now able to provide wider solutions to our customers and different markets with our new complementary partner, MSE Furnace, which is mainly manufacturer of high technology heat treatment furnaces and different process equipments for glasses, ceramics, metals and polymers in both laboratory and industrial scale. Vegatec is now extending its market in Europe thanks to this partnership.