We are now able to provide wider solutions to our customers and different markets with our new complementary partner, MSE Furnace, which is mainly manufacturer of high technology heat treatment furnaces and different process equipments for glasses, ceramics, metals and polymers in both laboratory and industrial scale. Vegatec is now extending its market in Europe thanks to this partnership.

Here are some of their products;

  • Metal Tempering Furnace

  • Metal Annealing Furnace

  • Vacuum Furnace

  • Calcination Furnace

  • Glass Chemical Tempering Furnace

  • Glass Fiber Furnace

  • Frit Furnace

  • Laboratory Chamber Furnace

  • Cuppelation Furnace

  • Brigdman Furnace (Crystal growth)

  • Gasification System

  • Biochar System for Biomass

  • Hot Press

  • CIP (Cold Isostatic Press)

  • Tape Caster for Dr. Blade’s process

and more…

Check out our Turkish partner’s web site in order to see what else we can propose to you.